082 - Grandia II

Welcome to Missed Checkpoints, a show where the hosts Marqus and Dante revisit older games from the last few years that we may have missed and discuss them as a group.

Apologies but you know what it is, it wouldn't be Missed Checkpoints without us missing deadlines. Luckily we had time to record this last episode and it was a treat covering Grandia II.  

I appreciate everyone that chatted with me when I first had this idea for a podcast. Anyone that ever voted in a poll for the fan's choice months. Anyone that downloaded an episode, listened to an episode, or shared with a friend. You all are the real MVP for supporting in your own way and for that I sincerely value you and the support you gave us.

I failed to mention on the episode but I also appreciate every guest we've had too. Huge shoutouts to Tim, Re, Jonas, and brother Trevor. Even when we were shorthanded, they came in the clutch and fit right in with our dynamic. 10/10 would recommend having awesome people in your life that would support you and your podcasting endeavors. Great Guests, Great Experience!

We've had highs, we've had lows, we've had many disagreements, and even more missed recording sessions but I couldn't have picked a more fun group to do this with. It's been an absolute pleasure doing Missed Checkpoints with my bros for the last 4+ years. Y'all are the best and I'm super grateful to call y'all my homies!

And for the final time, we're Missed Checkpoints and we're out...PEACE!!!

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Intro Music: Grandia II OST - FIGHT!! Ver.1

Outro Music: Grandia II OST - Have Faith in Yourself

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