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I listen to a ton of podcasts and got the idea from Waypoint Radio's video game discussion podcast they started up. I've missed daily video game conversations since graduating college so I saw this as a good opportunity to revive some of those video game discussions with the homies.




I've got a huge backlog of games I've neglected for years and I felt like this would be a good opportunity to revisit alot of the games I've missed. I've also always wanted to do a gaming podcast and when Marq mentioned the idea for this, I was excited at the chance of trying to work on two things I've definitely been putting off for awhile now.




Personally, this venture means a lot to me. Ever since graduating from college, I’ve longed for a chance to have in-depth conversations again. It may sound silly, but I actively feel my vocabulary slipping away. Most day-to-day banter is small talk — I HATE small talk. This gives me an outlet to escape from that.

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I enjoy engaging in discussions with other gamers because it's always fun to hear different perspectives on the same game, whether good or bad. This podcast gives me the opportunity to discover new games and share opinions.


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